Up and away


I stared at the outgoing flights on the monitor.

California? Texas? New York? I looked to the next screen; it listed international flights. The first one on the list was Dublin, Ireland leaving in 1 hour.

I realized then that I couldn’t go somewhere close.

I wanted to learn, I wanted to grow. I wanted to see the world with new eyes. I wanted to see different ways of life. What better way than to leave my culture completely? Leave the United States and learn a new way of looking at life through a new culture? And really what better zen place to go than the famous emerald isle? I could go anywhere after that. Luckily I had my passport packed for my trip I was going on with my friends.

I had the option to go anywhere, so I did.


The lights in the plane had been turned off when I woke up. The glare  of a few TV monitors on the backs of the chairs shone. I pulled up the screen to the window.  I looked out into the black sky and then down to the world below. It was my first plane flight and it was truly incredible when I thought about it. To think I was flying in the sky on a giant machine to a far away land – Amazing. The technology of it astounded me and the thought of travel gave me such a surreal sense of adventure to life that I had never felt before.

At that point, I think we were probably over the New York area according to the flight tracker on my screen. The lights of the cities below were beautiful . A whole different world from here in the sky.

I again, felt free.


An excitement I hadn’t felt since I was a child when everything in life was new and interesting.  It was similar to the feeling you get on Charismas Eve. I hadn’t had a feeling like that towards anything since I was ten. When you are little, everything is exciting because its new and for the first time. As an adult, you have to make a point to seek out things that are new, things that you have never done, things that excite you. If you don’t do this, life can get dull, even depressing.

Life didn’t need to be mundane, normal, predictable and average.

It could be extraordinary,  adventurous …

being on that plane in that moment I realized life could be whatever I made it to be if I just had the guts and determination to pursue it.  And that’s just what I was doing.





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